Chaos and the Stillness of it

Good episode. The fighting didn't look all that impressive, but Rhade had some good parts. And it's good to have the Real Trance back. I've read some spoilers for the next few episodes. Sounds interesting. And I'm glad Burma's gone. Man, was he annoying.


One More Day's Light

What did I like about this episode? Doyle and Rommie worked well together. I don't care much for evil Trance but I don't think I'm supposed to like her, so in that respect, they are doing a fine job with her. Harper and the evil villain are missing. And the villain is a very classic one - he contradicts himself and his mindless followers rationalize his actions. This was also a very good Rhade episode. And I found myself wondering if Beka can let herself fall into these stupid traps, why did whatshisname base the Nietzschean race on her? Looking back through the years, Beka really hasn't been all that smart about some things.

Anyway, next week continues the story of this villain. I saw the preview and the villain has red glowing eyes, similar to that of one abysmal entity. And it seems that Evil Trance is working with the villain. Should be interesting...



I just visited a message board where people comment on Andromeda. Apparently, fans of Doyle are called..............Doylies. In my world, those are lacy placemats for trinkets. There's more to her than that, I think.

Quantum Tractate Delirium

This episode rocked! The Doyle and Rommie fight scenes were spectacular. This week, Trance appeared to be evil Trance, but it was hard to tell. Yes, she was more menacing than usual. But there were two different outcomes to her meddling. One, she facilitated the Rommie and Doyle interaction that led to Rommie becoming her old self - that was good. Two, she antagonized Rhade about his family back in the known universe which led him to falling off the wagon and staying drunk for most of the episode - doesn't seem like a good thing. But perhaps that was her way of inspiring Rhade to help get out of Seefra? Reminding him of what he left behind?? And Virgil the DJ is back, so that is a third Trance. I still don't know why Dylan didn't use the gates that whatshisname guards to evacuate Seefra 9. Maybe the doorway and the halls wouldn't funnel enough through in time??? Oh well. I wish they would have told us what Rommie felt betrayed over. They didn't seem to cover that. Wonder what next week will be about? Can't wait for the next promo on the website...


Totaled Recall

Finally a new episode. And it had to be a dimensional shifting, multiple universe thing. Those give me headaches. Especially when Dad is asking tons of questions because he never watches the show and he just wants to keep me from watching it. But it was a good episode. I liked the Doyle/Dylan parts. This episode didn't really advance the season much. Just that thanks to something to do with exotic matter, Andromeda is now at 100% full power. Which means that Rommie is not too far away!! I hear she comes back next week maybe. I can't wait. And hopefully the Trance we have now is Good Trance. She didn't seem evil this week but I don't think this episode was meant to reflect on recent happenings. There is a link to the promo for next week's show floating around on the web. I haven't watched it yet. Takes forever for it to load on a dial up connection. But hopefully, I'll get to see it sometime this weekend.



A new episode will air this coming Friday! It appears that this is an episode written by Gordon Michael Woolvett. And there's something about a Dylan/Doyle kiss. Hmmm...... that should be interesting.