The Weight: Part 2........ A Preview

I just read the episode description for this Friday's episode. Beka scheming with some guy who has claimed the Andromeda for his own??? How could Beka turn on Andromeda like that? It isn't like Dylan made her stay to fight the Magog in last season's ending episode. She chose to return to help Dylan and the others. I hope Dylan kicks her butt too like he did Rhade's.


The Weight, Part 1

So, the first episode of Season 5 has aired. It was pretty good. Not enough though. Dylan only found Rhade, not the others. I was hoping to see all of them again in the first episode, but I figured if a half an hour went by and we were just seeing Rhade, then we wouldn't get to see the others this week. I don't know exactly what's going on in the episode though. I guess I'm supposed to believe that remnants of the Andromeda Ascendant have been used to build the village on Seefra 1?? Someone on a message board suggested that they recognized part of the Maru. I would like to know what happened to the Dylan from the last episode of season 4. He can't be this Dylan because when this Dylan woke up on Seefra 1, he was wearing a coat and the Dylan from season 4 entered the Route of Ages without a coat. I just love alternate universes and time travel and all that sci-fi crap. It gives me a headache. I do like the "Outlaw" side of Rhade :)


As mentioned earlier

There are pictures of the new season up on the Official Website. Check them out.


And the Countdown Begins

Please direct your attention to the big message to the right. Season 5 begins on 9/24/04. I can't wait. There are sneak peak pictures on the Official website, but I couldn't find them when I went to the site. I could only see them by clicking on a link that I received in the Andromeda Newsletter email. If I go back to my yahoo mail account I'll get the link and post it.