For the next few weeks, SciFi will be showing reruns of the first few episodes of season 5. This will give all those people who didn't watch it the first time a chance to see what they've been missing. People like Polly. And it will also give people a chance to pick up on clues that they might have missed the first time around.


What Will Be Was Not

So, we now have been told about 5 or 6 times that Dylan is a Paradine. It's time to move past that and get on with the season. Aside from that, this was a good episode. Especially for Trance who had a bit of fairytale romance for once on this show. And Andromeda is now at 70% power. Yay! You would think if the others were so wanting to escape the Seefra System they would be helping Dylan get Andromeda back to full power instead of charging him an arm and a leg for their help when he needs it. Then they turn around and complain that Dylan is the reason they are stuck there. I hope they have one of those Scrooge/Ghosts of Christmases moments and they realize how mean they are being to Dylan.


So Burn the Untamed Lands

Finally, an episode where all the crew was pretty much working together like old times. Yay! We didn't learn much about Dylan's powers or their purpose for this season, but it was a good episode.


Attempting Screed

We learned that paradines are Vedrans, so Dylan is a Vedran as was his father. Okay. A good episode in that we learned a bit more about Dylan, but not so much about what this season's purpose is. Trance had some screen time in this one, which is good. And we got to see Harper, Doyle and Rhade work together on some scam. There is a rumor that this show may live on as a spinoff, so maybe we were seeing a bit of things to come with those three.