Totaled Recall

Finally a new episode. And it had to be a dimensional shifting, multiple universe thing. Those give me headaches. Especially when Dad is asking tons of questions because he never watches the show and he just wants to keep me from watching it. But it was a good episode. I liked the Doyle/Dylan parts. This episode didn't really advance the season much. Just that thanks to something to do with exotic matter, Andromeda is now at 100% full power. Which means that Rommie is not too far away!! I hear she comes back next week maybe. I can't wait. And hopefully the Trance we have now is Good Trance. She didn't seem evil this week but I don't think this episode was meant to reflect on recent happenings. There is a link to the promo for next week's show floating around on the web. I haven't watched it yet. Takes forever for it to load on a dial up connection. But hopefully, I'll get to see it sometime this weekend.


Blogger The Mad Perseid said...

You guys are a week ahead of us! (Sob)

12:32 PM  
Blogger Miranda said...

But Andromeda will end forever a whole week sooner for me :(

3:38 PM  

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