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The folks at the Official Site of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda are compiling a list of everyone's favorite scenes from the last four seasons and prior to the start of Season 5, they will be airing those episodes. So, if any of you have favorite scenes from any of the first four seasons, go here and submit the scene for consideration. I already submitted my favorite scene from season 4 - it was in the last episode when Dylan kissed Trance goodbye. Although I did watch Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way today and I might nominate a scene from that episode as well. It was a really good Trance episode. And it had the quote about being as nervous as Trance in a room full of rocking chairs - LOL That's funny. For those who don't get it, Trance used to have a tail.


Would you like to see some pictures of Lisa Ryder? Click here for the Google Image Search.


Another Quiz

  • My #1 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Andromeda Character Selector: Who would you be?, is Andromeda (Rommie)

  • My #2 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Andromeda Character Selector: Who would you be?, is Beka Valentine

  • My #3 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Andromeda Character Selector: Who would you be?, is Seamus Harper

  • My #4 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Andromeda Character Selector: Who would you be?, is Rev Bem

    5, 6, and 7 are Trance, Tyr and Dylan, respectively.

  • Can't Wait!!!!!!!!

    I just checked my email and found that ADV Films, the people who put out the Andromeda dvds, had responded to my question that I'd sent them. I had asked if they planned to release a season 2 box set like they did for season one. And the reply......... YES! It will be released JULY 27, 2004. I'll have to keep checking ebay to see if anyone will be selling it.


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    Decisions, decisions......

    Do I watch more episodes from Season 1 tonight, or do I watch Design Rules, a show on BBC America, hosted by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen? Hmmm..... I might have to do both. I watched Harper 2.0 last night and discovered that the Abyss has been a part of the series since early season 1. From all the whiney, Tyr loving and Kevin Sorbo hating posters on the internet message boards, I got the impression, wrongly as I discovered last night, that the series had started off well and only just recently (since the Great and Special Tyr left) went to h-e-double hockey sticks with all this Abyss and Route of Ages stuff. I personally like that stuff and think the show's pretty good. It's entertaining, and it doesn't get all bogged down in techno-babble like Star Trek. Andromeda is a people oriented show and I think that's great. It's more like ST: The Original Series than Next Generation or any of the other Star Trek series.

    Well, now that I've offended tens of millions of Star Trek fans, I think I'll beat a hasty retreat................. :)


    What a Finale!

    Talk about a cliffhanger! Well, I can't really talk about the cliffhanger because Polly hasn't seen it yet and I don't want to ruin it for her. But, suffice it to say, it was a very good episode. I can't wait to see what they have planned for next season. Alternate universe? Continuation of the universe they are in? I will be checking out all the message boards for the rest of the summer to see what I can find out.

    Oh, and on a side note, in last night's Alias season finale, the secret code phrase Sark used to make contact with his contact was a quote by Nietzsche, I believe. Thought that was cute.


    Google Image Search

    Would you like to see some pictures of Kevin Sorbo? If so, click here for the google image search.


    Well, now I know I'm alone here

    Who needs a site meter when I've got common sense to tell me no one's visiting this blog. I had a typo in the last post and no one posted any comments about it. Meaning, no one's been here to read it. Maybe I should do something cheesy to get more people to visit this site. Like post about all the things that get visitors to my other site. Oh, like Brad Cotter, the Nashville Star winner, Jo Jo's Circus, a cartoon on the Disney channel, Lets-Wrap.com, whatever that is. I've gotten several hits on my other blog from people searching for those things.


    Season Finale, Part 2

    I found screen caps of part 2 of the season finale on this website. The episode looks really good. There is one screen cap of Dylan kissing Trance. I don't know what that's about but it looked like a really sweet scene between the two of them. But I think we're going to be left with one of those ambiguous cliffhangers. That stinks. I hate cliffhangers. It's been my experience with tv that every time I start liking a show it gets cancelled, so I really, really don't want a cliffhanger. But I've been assured on the internet that Andromeda has been picked up for another season.


    I think I have covered the main characters of the show. So, now what do I do? I think I will feature the Nietzschean race in this post. The Nietzscheans play an important role in the series. They rebelled against the Commonwealth and destroyed most order and law for over 300 years. Then, when order and law was being restored by Dylan and his crew, the Nietzscheans struck again. Here is the official description for the Nietzschean people from the Andromeda website. Naturally, I like the Nietzscheans. Well, the three Nietzscheans that served with Dylan on Andromeda anyway. They have a similar appeal to that of the Four Horsemen of famed NWA wrestling history. Sometimes they are bad, but when they are, they are sooo good at being bad.


    Spotlight on: Brent Stait

    Brent Stait played Rev Bem on Andromeda. Rev is a Magog wayist. A Magog is a vicious furry alien. Click here for the official description of the Magog species. A wayist is a peaceloving religious person. So, it's an interesting contradiction. I heard a story that Brent Stait couldn't continue playing Rev Bem because the make-up used to transform the actor into the character was too irritating to his skin. So, hopefully Brent is feeling a lot better. A later episode had his character go through some kind of transformation in which he lost a lot of his Magog looks. So, maybe the new make-up design will mean Rev Bem will be back for a few more episodes sometime in the future. Here's a link to the Unofficial Brent Stait website.


    One More Nietzsche Quote

    "The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything."

    Nietzsche quote

    "Insanity in individuals is something rare -- but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule."

    Spotlight on: Keith Hamilton Cobb

    Keith Hamilton Cobb is no longer with the series, but I figured tons of women everywhere would really be ticked if I didn't make a special mention for him. KHC, as his name is abbreviated, played the character of Tyr Anasazi on Andromeda. It was a really good character. He was a Nietzschean who was a part of the Andromeda crew, then did some diabolical things and then ended up betraying the Andromeda crew. But Tyr was one of those classic bad guys who shared a Professor Xavier/Magneto kind of relationship with Dylan. Their different philosophies mandated that the betrayal would take place.

    Click here to go to the Official Keith Hamilton Cobb website. Not only will you learn more about the actor, but he does provide some insight into the character of Tyr Anasazi.

    Some quotes, courtesy of this site:

    Beka Valentine: Where did you get the candles?
    Tyr Anasazi: I rendered them from the fat of my enemies.

    Tyr: I trust Dylan to be Dylan. When the universe collapses and dies, there will be three survivors: Tyr Anasazi, the cockroaches, and Dylan Hunt, trying to save the cockroaches.
    ........ (that was my personal fave........)


    Spotlight on: Steve Bacic

    Steve Bacic plays Rhade on Andromeda. Both Gaheris and Telemachus Rhade. No, they aren't twins, Telemachus is a descendant of Gaheris's. Anyway, Rhade is Nietzschean (I've seen that word spelled countless different ways, so I've decided to spell it that way). The Nietzscheans are a fierce race of warriors who rebelled against the peace-loving Commonwealth and destroyed it. I'm sure there are doctoral theses out there examining the Nietzschean culture so it shouldn't be too hard for you to look up some info. In fact, I'll probably link to some just to help you out. Rhade is one of my favorite characters. I liked Gaheris for betraying his best friend, Dylan (I'm a sucker for the bad boy) and I like Telemachus because is isn't Gaheris. Although he got all sappy last night falling for that Nietzschean woman, which really wasn't my favorite moment of his. Here's a link to a Steve Bacic fan site.

    And the official character description of Telemachus Rhade.

    Rhade Quotes from this site:

    "A Nietzschean never beats himself up. We're self-absorbed, not masochistic."
    - Lt. Cmdr. T. Rhade

    Rhade: Insulting a Nietzschean is not healthy for a human's health - especially one so itsy-bitsy.


    A Rotten Commercial for the Season Finale!!!

    I just saw a commercial for next week's season ending episode. It shows Dylan asking Rommie what the condition of his crew is and she says they're all DEAD!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Now I have to go in search of spoilers to see what the heck is going to happen. I'll never make it a whole week not knowing. Shame on these people for leading us on!!!

    Spotlight on: Gordon Michael Woolvett

    Gordon Michael Woolvett plays Seamus Harper on Andromeda. Harper is the engineer guy on the show. He could be considered the comic relief, but can get pretty serious when he has to. Woolvett's probably one of the best actors since he can be both funny and dramatic and be 100% convincing. He makes everything, even the glossed over technical descriptions, seem real and believable. And Woolvett has his own website. Check it out here...

    To read about the character, Seamus Harper, check out the official description from the Andromeda Website...

    And now for some memorable quotes. And there's a few since Harper is quite quotable....

    "I'm tellin' you, the guy is huge, he's like some kind of Greek God or something" - referring to Captain Dylan Hunt.

    "The universe hates you: deal with it!" - The Universe According To Seamus Harper, Chapter 9, paragraph 8, verse 3.

    "The deck drips with the guts of the unworthy but halt I have given life and form to the first time travelling fruit in the history of the Universe" - telling Beka how many melons exploded before the he got the teleporter to work.

    "I never got the whole prison thing....hey you have the potential to be a nasty piece of work, why don't we lock you up with a serious bunch of hard case"

    And from this website, Harper: Cry me a river and drown in it!


    Amazing what a Google Search Will Lead To...

    I thought I would find out a little more about an actor from Andromeda I haven't featured yet, Steve Bacic, so I googled and went to TVTOME. There I found out that Steve Bacic, who plays Geheris and Telemachus Rhade on Andromeda also played Dr. Hank McCoy in the X-Men 2 movie! I couldn't believe that. I hope this website isn't wrong. It would be great to see an Andromeda actor in such a high profile role in maybe the third installment of the movie franchise.

    A quote by Nietzsche

    "Because we have for millenia made moral, aesthetic, religious demands on the world, looked upon it with blind desire, passion or fear, and abandoned ourselves to the bad habits of illogical thinking, this world has gradually become so marvelously variegated, frightful, meaningful, soulful, it has acquired color - but we have been the colorists: it is the human intellect that has made appearances appear and transported its erroneous basic conceptions into things."
    ---------from Nietzsche's Human, all too Human, s.16, R.J. Hollingdale transl.

    I get the impression from Daniel's comment on the last post that a little change is in order. So, before moving on to a spotlight on another actor from the show, here's a little quiz.

    Tyr's Beka
    You are Tyr's Beka. Sure the interspecies thing is
    a problem, but you'll work it out. Unless he
    insults you again at dinner...

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    Spotlight on: Laura Bertram

    Laura Bertram plays Trance Gemini on Andromeda. Trance is a mysterious figure who started out purple and with a tail, but a season or two into the show she changed into a kick butt gold colored person. She is supposed to see all the different possibilities of every action that is taken, or something like that. I think she might have some of the best lines on the show. Here's a link to a fan site called: The Unofficial Laura Bertram Fan Club".

    And here you can find the background on the character, Trance Gemini.

    Now for the quotes:

    "Exactly where on the body is the moneymaker located?"

    "You know, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Although, I don't know why you'd want to catch flies. They're actually quite dirty little things."


    Spotlight on: Lexa Doig

    Today's Andromeda castmember is Lexa Doig, who plays Andromeda, the artificial intelligence of the space ship on the show. Here's a link to a fan site for Lexa Doig.

    And, as always, here's a link to the official character description from the Andromeda website. Andromeda, Rommie as she's also called, is an interesting character in that, while she's an avitar (aka machine) she doesn't spend the whole episode lamenting about any lack of humanity like Data did in ST: TNG.

    Now for some memorable quotes from Rommie, courtesy of this site, and this one:
    You're making seductive overtures to me in a dead language?"

    I guess it's true what they say. No matter how powerful you are, there is always someone bigger and stronger than you. I just never thought it applied to me.

    Do you have any idea what the Magog are like? I do. They take their ships and clamp down on your hull like ticks, and then thousands of them pour inside, and they don't stop until everyone is dead. Everyone.


    Spotlight on: Lisa Ryder

    Today's spotlight is on Lisa Ryder, who plays Beka Valentine on Andromeda.

    Here is a link to the 'Official Lisa Ryder Fan Club'. It hasn't been updated for a few months, BUT, it does have some background information.

    And, clicking here will take you to the biography of Lisa's character on Andromeda, Beka Valentine.

    And for the fun part.... Beka Quotes from the show, courtesy of this website:

    "I'd say talks with the fish people were floundering, but that would be wrong."

    "Well on the bright side we have sent the Nietzscheans our well-known ambassador of friendship - Tyr."

    "Goodbye frying pan, hello fire."


    Spotlight on the Cast

    Over the next few days I will be devoting a whole day to each member of the cast. First up is Kevin Sorbo. He plays Captain Dylan Hunt. Here are a few links you can check out to learn more about the actor and the character on the show:

    Kevin Sorbo Official Web Site

    Captain Dylan Hunt Biography (courtesy of the Official Andromeda Website)

    A few Dylan Hunt Quotes, courtesy of this website:

    "I'm the Captain. I'm always right . . . Except when I'm wrong."
    "Why ruin the day with a lot of unnecessary bleeding and screaming?"

    .... and of course, Dylan's version of "Charge!"...."Let's bring it."

    Getting Down to Business

    First things first. Here is a link for the backstory of the show, Andromeda.

    Basically, the show takes place thousands of years in the future. At one time, thousands of alien worlds were united in a Great Commonwealth, kinda like a United Nations. Then the Nietzscheans rebelled against the Commonwealth and it was destroyed, leaving behind chaos that has existed for about 300 years. Then along comes Captain Hunt, who wanted to rebuild the Commonwealth, they succeeded, and then it was attacked again.

    I left out a lot of important stuff in that brief synopsis, so you really should check out the backstory.


    I finally got a site counter on this blog. I had the toughest time with it. Every time I tried to add it to the template, I would get this huge void between the Blog Title and the most recent post. I signed up for Bravenet services for this blog and had Bravenet send the email with the temporary password to my @Rednecks.com email account and hours later, I still hadn't received it. So, I created a yahoo email account and tried again to sign up for Bravenet services and got the email immediately. The @Rednecks.com account just isn't all that great.

    What a Way to Kick Off a New Blog!


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    A New Blog

    Since Blogger decided to do this relaunch, I thought I would try out some of the new templates, so I created a new blog. This one is inspired by Andromeda, the Gene Roddenberry TV show. I hope to try to stay on topic in this blog and post mostly Andromeda related material. Stay tuned for more posts and updates.