One More Day's Light

What did I like about this episode? Doyle and Rommie worked well together. I don't care much for evil Trance but I don't think I'm supposed to like her, so in that respect, they are doing a fine job with her. Harper and the evil villain are missing. And the villain is a very classic one - he contradicts himself and his mindless followers rationalize his actions. This was also a very good Rhade episode. And I found myself wondering if Beka can let herself fall into these stupid traps, why did whatshisname base the Nietzschean race on her? Looking back through the years, Beka really hasn't been all that smart about some things.

Anyway, next week continues the story of this villain. I saw the preview and the villain has red glowing eyes, similar to that of one abysmal entity. And it seems that Evil Trance is working with the villain. Should be interesting...


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