Quantum Tractate Delirium

This episode rocked! The Doyle and Rommie fight scenes were spectacular. This week, Trance appeared to be evil Trance, but it was hard to tell. Yes, she was more menacing than usual. But there were two different outcomes to her meddling. One, she facilitated the Rommie and Doyle interaction that led to Rommie becoming her old self - that was good. Two, she antagonized Rhade about his family back in the known universe which led him to falling off the wagon and staying drunk for most of the episode - doesn't seem like a good thing. But perhaps that was her way of inspiring Rhade to help get out of Seefra? Reminding him of what he left behind?? And Virgil the DJ is back, so that is a third Trance. I still don't know why Dylan didn't use the gates that whatshisname guards to evacuate Seefra 9. Maybe the doorway and the halls wouldn't funnel enough through in time??? Oh well. I wish they would have told us what Rommie felt betrayed over. They didn't seem to cover that. Wonder what next week will be about? Can't wait for the next promo on the website...


Blogger The Mad Perseid said...

I just saw that episode today, and personally, I thought they didn't need to explain her rage. Remember, AIs left for so long by themselves go insane, especially when only portions of them are functioning.

The fight scenes were spectacular, yes.

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