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Tonight's episode was a re-run so I didn't watch it. I recently bought a really big book of Neitzsche works. I've only managed to read a few pages of it so far. It feels too much like homework and I haven't had homework to do in 5 years. I noticed that an Andromeda fan actually found my blog! Thanks for the post. I guess I should explain a little bit about myself now that I know that I'm not the only one reading this blog. I'm a number cruncher, which means I feel very little in the way of sympathy or compassion. I love spoilers. You may see them often here. If you don't like it then don't come here until after you see the episode that is airing for the week. Luckily for you all, I never can seem to find spoilers for Andromeda. I managed to find one and that was probably a major coup. And I do try to avoid posting comments about the Promo Clip that the official website has posted for viewing before the episode airs. I was more cautious about spoilers when I thought my friend Polly would come here to read my blog. Polly hates spoilers. But she never comes here. I don't like negative criticism of the show. If you want to express negative comments about the show, then there are plenty of other places on the Web to do that. And you'll have plenty of new friends because a lot of people, for some reason, love to criticise the show. As I've said before, I would hate to see how they would criticise Shakespeare's work.


Saving Light From a Black Sun

This was a pivotal episode. They fixed the broken sun - Yay. They may or may not have the right Trance - Boo. That's the only part I don't like about what they've done. But not because I could have written it better or because they are 'ruining' the show. But because I don't want to have to wait for months to see the crew possibly about to leave the Seefra system and leave good Trance behind, imprisoned by evil Trance. This is where I would skip to the last few pages of the book to see how the book ends, if I were reading a book. Anyway, this episode was good for many reasons. One - Trance and Rhade had some really good scenes. Two - Andromeda now has enough power to get Rommie back and leave Seefra. I hear that Rommie will in fact be back by the end of the show. There's something about her and Doyle doing a fight scene in an upcoming episode. Can't wait for that.


Next Week's Episode

I just saw the promo clip for next week's episode. The crew heads for Seefra's dying sun to try to fix it before Trance's sun arrives. I've been wondering when they would get to that. It looks to be an exciting episode with more answers to questions people have been asking since the first episode.

Opposites of Attraction

This episode was pretty good. Kind of predictable. But at least I figured out who the mystery woman really was before Dylan had to tell me. Most of the time, I have to wait for the big reveal. That's mostly because I don't put much effort in trying to figure things out and keep notes on continuity and such. So what if they screw something up - like Drago's bones being on the Andromeda now when Tyr took them a couple of seasons ago or whatever it is the whiners on that horrible message board were talking about. I watch the show to be entertained and entertained I am.


Past is Prolix

Great episode with Trance and Orlund! I still don't know what's going on with Trance, Trance 2 ( I refuse to call her Evil Trance) and her Sun but it's bound to be spectacular when it all comes to a head. Rhade and Beka are still reeling from the whole Mama Nietzschean thing, which is good.


I got the season 3 box set today! I can't wait to start watching the dvds!


The Season 3 Box Set was released today. I have already pre-ordered it and my copy is on its way. You should get yours while you can!