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Kevin Sorbo Going for Laughs in ABC Deal
By Cynthia LittletonLOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) -

After nearly a dozen years in action-adventure land, Kevin Sorbo is ready to segue to the lighter side of television.Sorbo, star of the syndicated first-run dramas "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda" and "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," has inked a deal with ABC that calls for the network to develop a comedy project for the actor, ABC confirmed.Sorbo is no stranger to the sitcom genre. He's been building up his comedy chops during the past few seasons by doing guest shots on sitcoms, including ABC's "According to Jim" and "Hope & Faith," during his hiatus period from "Andromeda," which is heading into its fifth and final season this fall."I love the sitcom format -- I like the experience of doing a miniature play each week," Sorbo said.

The actor has just started the process of meeting with producers and writers. He's open to a range of concepts but is partial to engaging another one of his passions by doing something set in the world of sports a la ABC's long-running "Coach.""I'm not Jerry Lewis. I don't really do the fall-down stuff," Sorbo said. "I like the kind of observational humor that George Carlin does. They can surround me with wacky (characters) and I'll be the sane one who anchors the group."

Sorbo first gained fame as the star of "Hercules," which began as a series of syndicated TV movies that aired in 1994 and evolved into a hit weekly series that ran from January 1995 to November 1999. The sci-fi drama "Andromeda" bowed in fall 2000. Sorbo's other sitcom credits include appearances on CBS' "Cybill," NBC's "Just Shoot Me" and multiple episodes of ABC's "Dharma & Greg."

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I've been watching Season 2 on dvd this weekend. For the life of me, I don't see how so many people on these internet message boards can say this show is bad. I like the show and it makes sense to me. True, they skip over some technical explanations, but that was one of the main things that bored me with Post Original Series Star Trek. If I wanted science lessons, I'd watch TLC or PBS. I mean really, do you honestly think Picard understood all that technobabble? No, when he said, "Make it so," he didn't understand what was involved, it just sounded good to him and it was coming from people who had succeeded in their techno-efforts in the past. What really gets me are these people who believe that the show is bad just because it isn't being done the way THEY want it to be done. More Tyr, Less Dylan, More Trance with a tail, Less Trance with the weird head-dress, No Dylan, Dead Dylan, whine, whine, whine. I suppose if they went to see a play, they would be telling the actors to change the scenes to fit the ending they would rather see. Thank goodness Shakespeare isn't around to see this.