Moonlight Becomes You

This episode was a really good Trance episode. She found love, but it was not to be. And we learned more about her. Rhade and Beka are having a tough time dealing with the fact that Beka is now partly responsible for the whole Nitezchean race. I'm glad they are still talking about that and that they didn't just forget it. Next week's episode is another Trance episode and it looks to be even better. I can't wait for it.

A few comments about message boards. There is one message board I read whose members all hate Andromeda. All they ever post are negative comments about it. I don't know why they watch a show they hate and I don't know why they expend that much energy to complain about it. For 4 years, all we've heard from these people is "why can't we learn more about Trance? When will we find out more about Trance?" Well, now we are finding out more about her and they still aren't happy. I think they are under a really bad misconception that they have created and written the show. And they, of course, have not. The show is not their property. They do not direct its future. They are only the audience. This is not a choose your own adventure show. If you don't like the show, stop watching it. As for me reading the posts on this particular message board - I have stopped reading most of the andromeda posts, simply because these people do nothing but try to ruin the show for the rest of the fans. Finding a positive comment on said message board is extremely rare.


Pride Before the Fall

Spectacular episode. We found out that Beka is the female that started the whole Nietzschean race! So, Rhade can thank Beka for his existence and Tyr was stupid for missing out on a relationship with her when he had a chance. Bet Beka will get a kick out of that when she thinks of it after what Tyr did to them. LOL! And Harper has restored full power to the Andromeda, so things should move a little more quickly now. Maybe. This was the 100th episode and they aired some outtakes at the end from various shows over the years. Everyone loves outtakes.

Through a Glass, Darkly

This was a great Harper episode. Hohne returned and Harper was able to work through some old feelings he had about Hohne falling into the slipstream core a couple of seasons ago. In this episode, Hohne and Harper try to rebuild the teleporter that was built a few seasons ago that sent Dylan back in time to Sarah. In rebuilding the teleporter, they discover a link between the Andromeda, and maybe even Dylan, and the black hole that held him for 300 years. Dylan thinks it's possible to go back to that time before the ambush and try to prevent the fall of the commonwealth, again. Luckily, it doesn't happen. Dylan needs to accept that there's no going back. You just have to make the best of what you have now. Anyway, Hohne sacrifices himself so that Harper and everyone else in the Seefra system can live. As it was supposed to be. Hohne had to disappear back then so he could show up now and inspire Harper to return to his genius ways and give up his bartending career. Because, if the Andromeda crew is ever going to escape the Seefra system, they will all need to work together and they will need Harper's genius to do it.


Tomorrow night's episode will be shown at 6:30 pm Eastern on the SciFi channel. That's a half an hour earlier. Don't miss it!


The Test

Finally a new episode. This was a pretty good one. I thought it made sense that there should be a cleansing of sorts for Beka, Rhade, and Harper before they leave Seefra. They had sunk to new lows in the 'everyone for themselves' mentality and needed this kind of wake up call. And I liked how Trance was there for Dylan.


New episodes start again on the Sci Fi channel this Friday. Don't forget to watch!