When Goes Around

I normally hate time travel and time loop stories, but this one was pretty good. We learned that Trance has different powers, or maybe more precisely, previously unknown powers. The Andromeda crew brought rain to Seefra 1. We learned a lot about the Vedrans and the Route of Ages and stuff. And Dylan fell in love. Again. It was a good episode. And it was really good to see Harper on the Andromeda. I don't think we've seen him there before this episode.


The Eschatology of Our Present

Finally, we have some clue as to what the purpose of this season is. Dylan and the others must set out to fix the technologically engineered, failing sun of the Seefra System. Although next week, Dylan takes a break from saving Seefra to fall in love. Again. Well, we couldn't go for very long without a love interest for our hero. This week's episode was a good Beka episode. I liked how Rhade and Doyle worked together. And it looks like Older Trance is Virgil Voxx, the Disc Jockey. Dylan and Rhade killed the chief tech cop and his thugs this week. I wonder if that will be a bad thing in the coming weeks. Never good to kill the head of the 'law' in whatever world you're in.


Andromeda Producers have some sense

I was checking out the message boards today and came across an excerpt from an interview Bob Engels did with some magazine. In the excerpt quoted on the mb, Engels stated that complying with the viewers wishes for the show's direction would have killed the show. Yay!!! I'm glad to see that the show's producers and such have the sense to see beyond the whiners who want to remake the show over into their own selfish fan fiction outlet. It's great that the show's producers are committed to the direction they have cultivated over the last four years. It's their show, let them produce it.


Decay of the Angel

Another good episode, but there was no Trance. Oh well, if she had been used in the episode, it probably would have made things too easy. I liked the sword and wig gag; it was cute. I felt like I was watching the blooper reel from a dvd. We still don't know what Dylan's purpose is for the season, but hopefully that will come soon. And I really don't like seeing Andromeda, the ship, all beat up and ugly. I hope they restore her to some semblance of glory soon.

I read some comments on the message boards, and once again people are trying to write the episodes themselves. It should have been done this way, they should have made Argent and his followers descendents of Harper's android creations rising up against him - blah, blah, blah. That's not what the story was about, and that's not what the season is about. And they aren't the writers. Fan fiction is at the heart of all this negativity. Fan fiction will be the death of tv.


Phear Phactor Phenom

This was another really good episode. They found Harper and Doyle and what was left of Rommie in this episode. So, now we can finally get to the point of the season. What is Dylan's goal? And Harper wasn't angry at Dylan like those message board posters claimed all the people were mad at Dylan. Also, there were two Trances in this episode. Along with two suns in the system they are in. No coincidence there I think. There was a lot of heart in this episode. Harper's feelings for Rommie and the people he created in the three years he's been in the Seefra system. Dylan's feelings when he saw Rommie's head. I expected Beka to have more feelings for Harper than she did. They worked together for years before meeting Dylan. So, it looks like Rhade's comment from last week about Beka's lack of loyalty now has an element of truth to it. Next week, Doyle is supposed to learn about her true nature - I'm guessing she doesn't know she's an android. That should be good. And I just noticed something - Doyle -- Dylan. Kinda similar.


TV Update

For those of you who don't know, the SciFi channel has Andromeda Tuesdays every Tuesday. From 7pm to 11pm they air four Andromeda episodes back to back. I've watched a couple of them. They are on season 1 right now and I have those on DVD, so I can see them anytime. But lately, there hasn't been much on tv, so I've checked out Andromeda Tuesdays.


Need to Stay Away From the Message Boards

Once again I found myself on a message board wondering if these people saw the same episode I did. I really think they have written so much fan fic and that they have criticized the show so much that they actually don't see what's right in front of them. For example, last night's episode did not show Beka hating Dylan with a passion. But, more than once on a message board I visit, these people are saying that she hates him. One person said she hated him for abandoning her. Well, hello, she left him first before all heck broke loose with the Magog. And when she did think better of it and come back, she wasn't cussing him or trying to kill him or anything. She said she was going back for Rhade and Harper and took off to let Dylan go through the route of ages. The person on the message board said that Dylan abandoned her by not forgetting about the route of ages and backing her up when she got in trouble. Well, he did tell Beka that his controls were jammed and he couldn't turn back to help her. Guess the "holy keepers of the Andromeda lore" on these message boards conveniently forgot that one.


The Weight: Part 2

I just watched this episode and I thought it was great. Rhade and Dylan have a great relationship. Better than the old Captain and soldier relationship they had last season. And Beka didn't hate Dylan like other people said on message boards. She just wanted to protect herself after nearly dying. Completely understandable. And Trance has returned, although she can't be touched, which will make things very difficult I would think. No more touching kissy farewells like she and Dylan shared last season. She also doesn't remember anyone or anything but Dylan. He is pretty hard to forget. Next week, they find Harper and Doyle but apparently Harper has released some kind of virus onto the human population of where ever he is. The commercial showed Dylan saying "people are dying" and then he asked Harper what he'd done. Harper said it was every man for himself. So, that will be interesting. I think Beka gets infected by whatever it is. Probably that wretched Begin2Search toolbar spyware that corrupted my computer. I wonder how Harper will feel when he finds out Beka, his one-time closest friend, is suffering because of what he's done. Oh yeah, tonight they found Andromeda, the ship. I guess they'll be stealing the Maru away from what's left of tonight's evil villain's organization next week?

The Weight, Part 2: Promo and Pics

Check out the pics up at the official Andromeda Website.