Screwed By Blogger

Monday night everything was fine. I could post on my blogs and life was good. Tuesday after work, I discovered that the not so fine folks at Blogger had migrated all my blogs to what they call ‘new blogger’, supposedly a better form of blogger that offers new features. Well, I tried to log into blogger using my blogger username and password - nothing. Tried logging into new blogger with my google account name and password - again nothing. I was redirected to the blogger help site. What kind of help did I get? Canned how to articles that did nothing but lead me around in circles. Then I clicked on every option available to try to contact an actual employee of blogger, but it took me over an hour to find a form to complete to submit to them. And it wasn’t a ‘report a problem’ form. I went to the google help group and found that many, many others were suffering from the same problem I had. Did google employees help us? One employee posted the same canned answer that we found at blogger help. And he said ‘if this doesn’t work then contact us directly at (insert website). This kind of thing may be best solved on an individual basis.” Well, when you click on that website link, it takes you back to the page where I clicked everything I could to try to find a ‘help me’ form to fill out. After all this, I posted my own comment on the google help group website detailing every step I had taken. I wrote everything down and did it three or four times so I know what I tried and what I didn’t. To date no google tech support person has responded to anyone on that forum that has the same problem I did. Finally, some other blogger supplied the answer and it involved tinkering with the address of a link that blogger supplies us when we ask to retrieve our passwords. Basically, that link that we got when we asked to retrieve our passwords was reading our usernames as Case Sensitive, but when Blogger tried to find our accounts, it was not reading our usernames as Case Sensitive so it wouldn’t recognize us. That is a programming problem that blogger and google tech support are just too lazy to fix. So, instead, they let their customers flounder in frustration.

Bottom line: Blogger/Google Tech support is not serving the customers. They would rather spend their time making money in corporate mergers and stock options, lying to investors by saying that Google is a good company that provides valuable goods and services to the public when in actuality they ignore the customers and do not service their products to the satisfaction of the end users. Or, they are goofing off in a lax workplace in which productivity is not emphasized, but playing with toys is. Word to investors - if the tech support won’t help the people the company serves, then the company doesn’t care about you either. Sell your stock and invest your money in money market accounts or IRAs or Certificates of Deposit. You’d be better off.


DVD Box Set of Season 5

I got this on Friday and I've been watching the episodes while working out on the treadmill. I personally think season 5 is the best season, with season 1 coming in a close second.


What is Steve Bacic Doing?

He's in something called The Colt with Ryan Merriman.


I just read that Lexa Doig is appearing on a few episodes of The 4400 (On the USA channel). You might want to check that out.


The season 4 DVD box set is due to be released on July 19th. Get out and buy it while you can!


One of my other blogs is experiencing a technological problem so I'm posting this to see if the same thing will happen on this blog.


The Heart of the Journey, Part 2

No one died. Dylan was victorious. I was sort of expecting a miraculous appearance by some Vedrans, but it didn't happen. I almost didn't get to see the episode. It just had to come a big thunderstorm during the show. I was worried the satellite might go out, but it didn't. Thank goodness.

Tonight's the Night

The final episode airs tonight. It's sad to think it will end here. I hope it ends well. And I hope I get to see these fine actors and actresses in other shows in the future.


The Heart Of The Journey, Part 1

Pretty good episode. I didn't see the previews for this one, so it was a nice change of pace to not know what was coming. I can't believe Rhade left Dylan. What I would like to know is, if Trance's people are so powerful, then why can't they destroy the Abyss without destroying the 3 galaxies? And as I was watching the episode and the head woman for Trance's people was explaining to Dylan that the essence of the 3 galaxies will continue to exist after they destroy them but just as matter/energy blah, blah, blah, I began to wonder if the Abyss would also continue to exist? There is always going to be evil and good in the universe. Destroying it once, twice, three times, won't get rid of it. You have to defeat it so soundly that it will not rise up again. Like when the Fonz runs the bad hoodlums out of Arnolds' place on Happy Days.